We will pick you up free of charge.Guests who used the rental ski benri are offering free pickups and transfers. Echigo Yuzawa Station and nearby ski resorts are eligible.
What is the nearby ski resort?.
Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort,Yuzawa Kogen,NASPA Ski Garden,Iwappara Ski Resort, Kandatsu Kogen Ski Resort,Ishiuchi Maruyama.

This store open from AM 7:30 until PM 6:00

Please come back by PM 6:00.
If you don't use, you should contuct us AM 7:30-9:00 the next day.

Ski Set & Snow Board Set for Rental

Snow Board Set(Snow Board,Boots)

Ski Set(Ski,Boots,Stocks)

Ski & Snow Board Wear for Rental

Wear for Adult

Wear for Child

Rental Ski, Snowboard Rate

※Elementary school children and below are for "Child".

(1) Skis,Ski Boots,and Stocks / Board and Boots for Snowboarding

1 Day¥2,500¥1,700
2 Days¥4,300¥2,700
3 Days¥5,800¥3,700


(2) Jacket and Trousers(and Gloves,Cap,Goggles,if necessary)

1 Day¥2,500¥1,700
2 Days¥4,300¥2,700
3 Days¥5,800¥3,700


(3) (1)&(2)(Skiing gear / Snowboarding gear ,Wear)

1 Day¥4,500¥3,000
2 Days¥6,800¥4,200
3 Days¥8,800¥5,400


(4) Helmet

 【Adult ・ Child】
1 Day¥1,000
2 Days¥1,500
3 Days¥2,000


(5) Accessory( Gloves,Cap,Goggles,Sled)

 【Adult ・ Child】
1 Day¥500
2 Days¥800
3 Days¥1,100
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